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Jul - Dec, 2017

Somya Bhatia -


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The scope of this paper is to highlight how a woman’s freedom to express her sexuality is shunned and suppressed even in 21st century. It intends to explain how expressing sexuality is way more than biological sexual drives and pleasures. The paper discusses  how socio-cultural norms, gender roles, familial set up, patriarchal mindset, law and regulatory system, media and religion hold up the barrier, labeling female sexuality as a taboo and restricting women from expressing it. . Though each of these can be discussed further in detail, this paper will touch upon the double-standards that exist just for women. There is a model of good girl that a girl is supposed to live up to throughout her life. Throughout it’ll explain what happens if a woman chooses to break free and deviates from the guided sexual morality that is imposed on her. It’ll conclude by explaining how this suppression promotes patriarchy, limiting a woman’s role and contribution. Accepting women sexuality will not only provide them with their basic right to equality but also empower them.

Key words: female sexuality, suppressed, sexual expression



Ritika Dubey-


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Mobile Journalism is a growing practice which employs convergence of various devices in one device - A mobile phone. With a little history in hand, mobile journalism has been accepted in various international broadcasting channels to enhance their services as news providers, such as CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. Indian media, too, have started to realize the shifts in reporting patterns, audience behavior and communication styles between the media and audience emerging due to mobile journalism and digitalization of news. Some news organizations have taken up this practice earnestly while other organizations are still analyzing its potential and benefits in the newsrooms. Since it is an emerging extension in Indian media industry, it creates a sense of ambiguity and elevates a debate on its uncertainty in Indian media. This research paper, therefore, considers various factors to ascertain the potential and probabilities of Mobile Journalism in India. Also, the paper attempts to predict the future of MoJo in Indian habitat in the near future. To determine the results, a combination of methods were taken into consideration, viz. interview of journalists belonging to three different media platforms (viz. Broadcast, print and web), participatory observation of a news room functioning and a case study to establish a comparison in reporting patterns amongst the three news organizations.


Keywords: Mobile journalism, Indian media, potential of MoJo, interview, case study.


Aarushi Raina -

Vinny Ahuja -


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The purpose of the study was to know the role of social media in film promotion. Film promotion is one amongst the foremost necessary part of film making. Now days facebook, YouTube , twitter etc are main social media  platform  for the promotion of films. As social media became an important part of daily life of the many. Social media has the ability to create buzz among fans, new media is the latest addition to the present arena. Film has conjointly started utilizing the potential of social media completely in terms of marketing and promotion. The Indian film industry is not  left  far behind. It is using new media as well as social media  forum to make people aware of the film and to drive them towards theaters. This study is done in area of social media users and how they are leaned in films

To get on the main  purpose of the research , the primary data was collected through survey.  A quantitative  research approach is used as a research instrument  in this study. To explore and  know more gone through  various research papers and The study shows that social media plays a vital role in film promotion in India .  Approximately, 85% of people believe  that social media is a great way of promoting the release of new movie. Now days social media becoming way to decide whether the film will be a hit or a flop at box office.  Through the finding it has been proved that the success of the film not only depend on the factors like story , script and star cast but also depends on the promotion .social media becomes a  very cheap way of promoting and reviewing movies and people love to follow it and find it easy.

Keywords: Social media, Film promotion, Facebook  and YouTube.


Purva Malik -

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It is said that the time of daily papers is verging on over. Indian daily papers have enrolled rotting readership as indicated by the late overviews. An overview in the final quarter of 2012 and the most recent one for 2015 express this for the main three English dailies. The Times of India has tumbled from 7.6 million to 7.2 million per users; Hindustan Times is up from 3.8 million to 4.3 million whereas The Hindu is down from 2.1 million to 1.4 million. This is fine and English readership has been pretty much stagnant for quite a while. This paper tries to examine the decline of Indian print media.

Key words: decline, Indian print media.


Ishita Bhatia -

Divya Bhatia -

Surbhi Dang -

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Before the occurrence of Social Media, individuals used traditional ways to communicate with one another and exchange thoughts with one another. Traditional style was used not only to have a personal communication but as well as in the professional environment. It was more of one-on-one and inter-personal. Then came the Social Media which changed the way we communicate today, think ideas, share and discuss information. Social Media has so many opportunities attached with it providing its users wide spread reach and easy networking.

Social Media is an easy way for any of us today to reach out and make connections with other humans, this further helps in creating relationships and building trust towards such people. It is a highly effective tool for internal communications, customer service and business to business.

Key words: social media, public relation, impact

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